We make your options trading a whole lot easier.

Let us help you make important decisions when it comes to trading.

The OptionsTradeTracker® spreadsheet makes options trading so much easier as the spreadsheet calculates all of the critical data for each of your trades.

This easy-to-use spreadsheet will let you see the risks and rewards of your trades, help you set specific exit points, and adjust and compare trades easily.

This helpful trading program provides all of but not exclusive to the following:

  • Easily enter trades and adjustments

  • A worksheet for every trade

  • Summary pages to give helpful overviews

  • Drop-down menus of various trades

  • Tracks all of the most common spread trades

  • Helps you to always know your ROI and cost

  • Easily adjust or “what if” your trades at anytime

  • Suggested trade adjustment options to help you make trade decisions

  • Alerts you of RISK FREE trades!

  • This program provides full email and web support.


Four Reasons You Should Own OptionsTradeTracker® Spreadsheet

1.  Control Fear and Greed
Most losing trades happen when people succumb to these emotions.

2.  Save Time
Making critical calculations when it comes to trading could be potentially time consuming, but with this program, it won't be.

3.   Make Quick and Easy Trade Adjustment Comparisons
Being able to compare risks and rewards will help you feel secure in your trading decisions.

4.   It's Simple
We aren't here to try to confuse you, but to make the trading process as simple as it can be for you, the customer.

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    And don't just take our word for it...

    Here's what one of our clients told us...

    Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the tracker is. After using it for several weeks,

    WOW - - how did I ever trade without this!! Great job Scott. Helps keep my brain "untwisted" and my thinking straight. I find this very helpful in considering different adjustments. I like it when it says, you now have a risk free trade!!!!!!. It is easy to update to "real time" Profit/loss.

    Thanks again, R.M.

    And here's a comment from a long time user after receiving the new version...
    Just wanted to say that I Trade for a living and have been using your trade tracker for almost 2 years. You out did yourself with this new version. This new version calculates risk/reward on the fly, ROI, % returns, adjustments ...... the list goes on and on.....
    I have never traded options without first putting the options data in the options trade tracker. I especially like the fact that I can do multiple adjustments while the options trade tracker keeps adjusting my risk/reward.

    Learning to calculate risk/reward on paper is important but, after you know how you need to let technology take over. The fact that you can plug-in different scenarios and in a flash determine the best course of action is wonderful! Who could ask for more?

    Thanks for making my job easier,

    And finally...
    I can't say enough about Options TradeTracker. I was one of the first to get it when the program was first released and extremely happy that I have it.
    The program is simple to use and lets me concentrate on trading. OptionsTradeTracker is aptly named..it tracks the details, letting me establish and vary my primary ROI exit points, secondary adjustments and breakeven exits, plus adding detailed notes.....it has eliminated many of my trading concerns and lets me focus on strategies while maintaining a trusted foundation for all trades in progress.

    I look forward to the anticipated ease of assembling my annual trading totals for my accountant when next year's tax time rolls around. I can't imagine the headache if I didn't have Options TradeTracker keeping my trading accounting current and instantly available.

    Thank you Scott for a wonderful trading tool. I can't imagine trading without OptionsTradeTracker at my side.

    R. J. G-C.

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